Just a cuddley Blakey (neoqbacca) wrote in sfbayknitting,
Just a cuddley Blakey

anyone in the south bay?

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone here lives or works in the south bay? I'm moving here, I'm living at a hotel at the moment and I'm SO BORED. I don't know a single living soul. So, if anyone wants to meet up somewhere and knit or talk about knitting, or talk about anything, let me know. I also don't mind driving a bit to enjoy some company :)
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I live up in the North East Bay, but here are some knitting shops in the San Jose area that I quickly looked up on google maps.
I know I/they can't do anything for you tonight, but maybe (since I am assuming you're not working yet) during the day tomorrow you can do a yarn crawl during the day. Maybe someone will have a knit night you can go to? I can't vouch for any of these shops, and they just happen to be a sample from google. If you do find one is really great, please let us know!
A quick look at stitchandbitch.org gave me http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BobaKnit/ which is a group that meets in Moutain View tomorrow night.
Hope this gives you something to do!
Hiya! So I don't actually live OR work in San Jose, but my boyfriend does. ;) I'm there most weekends, so we could meet up at Commuknity (see link above - the store is awesome) for some chats and knits and what nots. Sound good?
That would be cool. I think my boyfriend is working Saturday so I'll have a whole day to kill if you are around. I am going back to AZ next week to arrange for the movers and stuff, but I'll be back May 7 to move into our aparment, so if we don't meet this week, then for sure we'll have to chill when I get back :)

Let me know if you will be around this Saturday and I'll try to get a firm yes or no on whether or not he's going to be working.