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Hello all! Here's a knitting project I just finished. It's a squid, made for my friend Lisa. She always asks for the most interesting toys, so I do my best to comply. Enjoy!

Here is the squid in all her glory. Its glory? His? Hm. I have no idea, and I made the blasted thing!

And here there be some cute pattern thing I did.

And then?! There are tentacles!!

More tentacles. Hee!

And still more tentacles. I think I like tentacles.

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Your squid is adorable! I have been wanting to make one f those for a while because they are so silly and awesome. Good job! :o)
Why thank ya. I didn't have anything new to post, so I figured i would kick things off with a squid. ;)
that's what the community is here for :o)